Crazy Richard's 100% Natural Chunky Peanut Butter

Crazy Richard's 100% Natural Chunky Peanut Butter. We're totally nuts! 0g trans fat per serving. At Crazy Richards, using our own unique process, we roast and grind only top quality peanuts to create a creaminess that keeps our peanut butter easy to spread even after refrigeration (which is optional). Crazy Richard's is naturally nutritious made only from peanuts. Do you feel this good about everything you eat No added salt, sugar or hydrogenated oils. For stirring tips: Visit our website at After 30 years Crazy Richard's may "still be crazy after all these years", but it is still the best peanut butter you can buy! Shop our website to enjoy more of our delicious products. Try our heavenly crunch, caramel corn heavily coated with peanut butter and chocolate. What could be better than peanut butter and chocolate Order our peanut butter lover's basket then you will know! Visit us on the web Email us at