Rummo Fusilli, No. 48

Not genetically engineered. Crafted slowly for excellence. Enriched macaroni product. Pasta absorbs sauces enhances taste. Independent Italian Pasta masters since 1846. Holds sauces, enhances taste, As Lenta Lavorazione method requires, our pasta is bronze-cut and it has a rough surface for an unparallaled sauce grip. Outstanding cooking performance: Rummo is the first and only pasta worldwide that certifies its cooking performance. We do it with Bureau Veritas, a global leader in quality certification. Our head of pasta testing verifies every batch and that's why our pasta is firm and resistant to bite, We believe this is the only way to give you an outstanding cooking performance. Produced with lenta lavorazione method. What does Lenta Lavorazione mean? Lenta Lavorazione is the name if our exclusive production method. Lenta means slow, In fact, the slowness with which we work the best ingredients nature can offer is the key to our pasta's notable, inherent qualities. In other words, we take the time to make it right. We encourage you, when possible, to take your time enjoying in good company. - Cosimo Rummo. Product Certification Bereau Veritas Certification. Bureau Veritas 1828. Made in Italy.