Explore Cuisine Spaghetti, Organic, Edamame Spirulina

Compare 2 Oz Servings: Explore Cuisine Edamame & Spirulina: 24 g protein; 14 g dietary fiber; 6 g net carbs; 60% iron. Certified Gluten-Free. USDA Organic. Production Certified Organic by KIWA BCS Oeko-Garantie GmbH. Organic & gluten free. Vegan. High in fiber. Non GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. A smarter way to pasta. Explore cuisine searches the globe to bring you healthy foods! We love to explore and discover innovative, organic foods that are delicious, simple to prepare, colorful and bring plant-based goodness to all. We believe that healthy foods grow from healthy hands, hearts and lives. So we are committed to trading fairly and organic farming. Plant-based protein. www.explorecuisine.com. foodtothrivefoundation.org. (hashtag)Useyournoodle. Share your recipes with us. (hashtag)explorerecipes. Facebook: facebook/explorecuisine. Instagram: instagram/explorecuisine. Through our Food to Thrive Foundation we provide education and empowerment to communities in the developing world to farm sustainably and to prosper. 2% of proceeds support the Food to Thrive Foundation. For more info, please see foodtothrivefoundation.org. Made in China.