Old Orchard Juice Cocktail, Diet, Peach Mango 64 fl oz

At Old Orchard, we understand the importance of keeping life in a healthy balance. Our delicious and refreshing line of reduced sugar and low calorie (Healthy Balance: 1 g sugars; 3 g carbs; 11 calories. Compared to 100% Juice Blends: 27 g sugar; 29 g carbs; 120 calories.) juice cocktails are sweetened with sucralose and are a perfect fit for an active, healthy lifestyle. Healthy Balance Tip No.45: Don't eat mindlessly. Eating in front of a computer screen or TV is more likely to result in overeating. Take lunch away from your desk, and use the dinner table at home to make sure you're savoring your food. Healthy Balance offers the great taste and refreshment of your favorite Old Orchard juice with less sugar and fewer calories. Start living the Healthy Balance Lifestyle with oldorchard.com. Our website is designed to help you get started on the road to a more active and healthy lifestyle. It features juicy recipes, promotions, kids activities, and healthy living tips. Pasteurized. Plus, join the Old Orchard Fan Club for exclusive access to games, special offers, and fun prizes.