Tumaro's Tex-Mex Style Tortillas Salsa - 8 CT

Tumaro's® Tex-Mex Style Tortillas Salsa. Today's the day.* Upgrade your burrito. (Or wrap, or fajita, or quesadilla!). Mild heat! 60 Calories per tortilla. Zero cholesterol. Low fat. Flour tortillas. 8 Tex-mex style tortillas. Guilt-free and full of flavor! What are you waiting for Upgrade your favorite recipe with one of our tasty tortilla flavors. From tacos to burritos and nachos to quesadillas, Tumaro's® tortillas add that finishing touch to your favorite Tex-Mex dishes. Inspired by the bold flavors of Mexico, our tortillas are the perfect complement to your fresh ingredients. Today's the day. Low fat. 0g trans fat per serving. Zero cholesterol. Try our other flavors: Jalapeño & cilantro. Mesquite. Blue corn. Chipotle black bean. Contact us! Looking for information, tasty recipes, or want to reach out Get to know us at tumaros.com What are you waiting for Today's the day! Enjoy! tumaros.com. Produced in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Tumaro's The Original Gourmet Wraps®. Tumaro's America's Favorite Gourmet Tortilla®. Just try me. Try our low-in-carb and New York deli-style wraps too! ©2016 Tumaro's.