GE Reveal 20 Watts General Purpose Light Bulb

GE Reveal® 75 Watt Replacement. New! Clean, Beautiful Light® 20 Watts. Bright from the start. GE Hybrid Technology. Lasts 7.3 years*. Soft white. Save $48 in energy**. Brightness 1050 lumens†. Estimated energy cost $2.46 per year. Reveal®. 2500K. Photos enhanced to dramatize difference in color. General purpose. *Based on 3 hours use per day. ** Compares one 20 watt CFL (1050 lumens) which provides more light output than one 75 watt Reveal® incandescent (830 lumens). Electricity cost savings based on using the bulb for 8000 hr rated life at 11¢ per kilowatt hour compared to ten 75 watt Reveal® incandescent bulbs (rated life 750 hrs). †Lumens are stated in base-up position, base down position lumens may be more than 5% different. Reliable starting to 25 degrees F (65 degrees C). Lamp requires a short warm up period to reach full brightness. Hg-lamp contains mercury. Manage in accord with disposal laws. See: or 1-800-435-4448. Lighting facts per bulb. Brightness 1050 lumens†. Estimated yearly energy cost $2.46. Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢ kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. Life 7.3 years. Based on 3 hrs/day. Light appearance. Warm, cool. 2500K. Energy used 20 watts. Contains mercury. For more on clean up and safe disposal, visit Self-ballasted lamp. ©2010 General Electric Company. Visit us on the internet: For more information on GE energy saving lighting products call toll-free (800) 435-4448 from 8:00am-6:00pm EST.