ANGEL SOFT Toilet Paper, 6 Mega Rolls, 6 = 24 Regular Rolls, Septic And Sewer Safe Bath Tissue

Angel Soft toilet paper is designed with softness and strength at a price that wont break the bank. Roll for roll, Angel Soft gives you the quality you expect at a value youll love. Angel Soft Mega Rolls toilet paper are long lasting rolls so you dont have to change them out as often. 1 Angel Soft Mega Roll = 4 Angel Soft Regular Rolls. Each roll of Angel Soft Mega Roll toilet paper comes with 480+ 2-ply sheets. Mega rolls also fit most toilet paper holders and they last longer than Angel Soft Regular Rolls. The full line of Angel Soft toilet paper is septic-safe for well-maintained sewer and septic systems. Angel Soft toilet paper packaging is recyclable. The plastic wrapper has a resin identification number of 4. Please check with your local recycling facility to determine if these materials are recycled in your area. Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified Angel Soft bathroom tissue is made with sustainably-sourced trees. Get the softness and strength you love with this bulk pack of Angel Soft Mega Roll toilet paper, featuring 9 mega rolls.