Camerons Smoker Bag, Alder 1 Ea

1 - 11 inches x 19 inches bag (1 - 28 x 48 cm). Wood chips in bag - ready to use! Great for seafood. Complete instructions & recipes inside. Think green. Recycle! Check with your local authority. Grill. Oven. Campfire. Easy as - 1, 2, 3! Easily get that smoky flavor you love right on your grill, in your oven or on the campfire. The unique Smoke Bag offers the easiest way to smoke fish, seafood, poultry, pork, beef, lamb, vegetables and fruit on a barbecue, in an oven or on a campfire any season of the year. The secret is the patented 3-ply design of the aluminum foil bag. With a separate bottom layer that contains the wood chips it keeps the smoke in the bag and adds a delicious and subtle smoky flavor to your food. The Smoker Bag keeps your food moist, making it easy to succeed in cooking a delicious smoked dish - and a no mess clean-up makes it even easier. All natural wood chips, hardwood syrup & natural sugars already in the bag. Made in Finland.