Hefty Ultra Strong 30 Gallon Large Multipurpose Drawstring Scent Free Trash Bags 14 ea

(113.5 l) 2 ft. 5-3/4 in. x 8 in. (75.5 cm x 81.2 cm) 1.05 mil (26.6 mcm). Features: Resists tears, punctures & leaks. Drawstring closure. Large capacity. Expandable strength. Money back guarantee. Our guarantee offers complete or your purchase price refunded. www.hefty.com. how2recycle.info. To contact us visit hefty.com, call: 1-800-433-2244 or write: Hefty Brans, PO Box 85583, Richmond, VA 23285-5583. Also try Hefty Strong with Arm Hammer odor control. Certified 100% recycled paperboard. Made in USA.