Glade Filter Spray, Clean Linen

Smell for yourself. Use on any disposable air filter to freshen your entire home! Glade Filter Spray provides an economical and easy method to freshen your entire home for days! This patented, long-lasting formula applies directly to your filter. No holes to punch, no mess! Glade Filter Spray can heat and enjoy! 3-5 sprays of Glade Filter Spray circulates scent throughout the entire home for several days and each bottle contains 6-8 treatments. Glade Filter Spray can be applied to either side of filter. You control the fragrance level, by the number of sprays applied. Glade Filter Spray is great for any occasion, keep several fragrances on hand. Visit us at Simply spray on your disposable filter to freshen your entire home! Fast and convenient! A few spray freshens your entire home for days! Works with heat or air year round! Combat household odors! 1-877-723-6826.