Method Dishwasher Packs, Lemon Mint, 45 Pack

Mineral + plant based. Stain lifting power. Cuts grease + removes stuck-on food. Squeaky clean dishes? We answered your wishes. Grimy glasses and dirty dishes are no match for the mineral + plant-based stain lifting power in our dishwasher packs, free of phosphates and chlorine bleach, these powerful little pillows cut through grease and laugh in the face of stuck-on leftovers, leaving dishes sparkling and squeaky clean. Removes 48-hours stuck-on food. Powerful rinse aid action. Works hard in hard water. Free of phosphates + chlorine bleach. Clean dishes made easy. Handle with dry hands. Place one dish pack in dishwasher dispenser compartment. Close the compartment. Reseal the pouch. Made by and for people against dirty. For more details go to Certified B Corporation. We're certified to benefit our people + the planet. We have more laundry, cleaning + hand soap at Pouch made from 20% recycled plastic (PCR). Not tested on animals.