Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover, Instant 14 Oz

More stain fighting power. Removes even tough, old stains! Prevents stains from returning great on pet & laundry stains. Spot Shot works instantly to power out carpet stains without scrubbing. Just a quick blast of Spot Shot, and the toughest stains disappear before your eyes. Even old stains from pets, greasy foods, motor oil, red wine. blood, grape juice, shoe polish, cola, mud, coffee, and lipstick are no match for Spot Shot's awesome cleaning power. Powerful: Safety cleans and deodorizes carpet stains (Before Use: Like any spot cleaner, Spot Shot should be tested for colorfastness by applying on a hidden area of carpet. Allow test area to dry completely (at least 12 hours) and observe any color change. If color is affected, do not use. Avoid contact with painted, stained, or finished surfaces, including wood floors). Prevents stains from returning; No scrubbing necessary. Great on laundry stains.