Toms of Maine Natural Care Body Bar, Moisturizing, Lavender

Contains jojoba and olive oil to moisturize and vitamin E to help protect your skin. Tom's Moisturizing Body Bar contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, for skin conditioning and protection. Our soap is milled four times for premium quality and contains jojoba and olive oil for keeping your skin smooth and supple. Palm and coconut soaps provide rich lather and gentle cleansing, and they rinse off easily. For more than 35 years, Tom's of Maine has been creating natural care products for you and your family. We use only the finest natural ingredients, never test our products on animals, and never use animal ingredients. What makes this soap natural? Many soaps contain synthetic detergents, animal ingredients (tallow), or artificial fragrances or preservatives. Our vegetable-based soaps are made gentle and effective without these ingredients. Natural color and preservation. The deep, rich color of our soaps comes from natural emollients and extracts, not artificial dye. We use a unique blend of rosemary and vitamin C to preserve our soaps, not synthetic preservatives such as EDTA. Natural fragrance. At Tom's of Maine, we don't use synthetic fragrances. Every scent in our soap comes from natural ingredients: the essential oils of herbs and the bright, colorful aromas of flowers and roots. Gentle Moisturizing in a pure vegetable soap. We've created a premium bar soap that cleans gently, imparting the luxurious emolliency of jojoba and olive oil, and the skin conditioning of vitamin E. It's a pleasure to use on your face or in the bath. No artificial fragrances, colors, or preservatives. No synthetic detergents. Biodegradeable. No animal fats. Tom's of Maine products are tested for safety without the use of animals. Naturally, it works. Made in USA.