Thermalon Heating Pad, Moist Heat

9 inch x 12 inch, pad with pocket. Microwave activated. No cords or plugs. Deep penetrating pain relief. Relief begins immediately. Heats in a minute. Naturally occurring moisture. Relieves cramps. Pocket for warming hands & feet. Perfect for bed warming. Relieves pain naturally. Washable & reusable. Doctor & Pharmacists Recommended Moist Heat to Relieve: body aches; muscle pain; cramps; shoulder pain; arthritis. The ThermalOn Difference: After just a minute in the microwave ThermalOn provides preferred moist heat therapy treatment. With ThermalOn there is no waiting for all-day patches or pills to take effect. No drugs. No messy ointments or creams. No offensive odors. Just fast acting, targeted pain relief. ThermalOn products are naturally hydrating which means you never have to add water - there is no mess. Relief begins immediately. Moist heat penetrates deeper than dry heat to increase circulation and flush away pain-causing chemicals. ThermalOn can be used as often as desired and will provide hours of relief after just a 30 minute application. Natural Pain Relief: Since our inception in 1986, our mission has been to provide natural relief from pain that is safe, effective and easy to use. Our products are used in hospitals and clinics, hospitals and homes around the world. ThermalOn delivers effective pain relief. Patent pending ThermalOn quickly brings your skin temperature to the medically prescribed temperature range necessary to deliver effective pain relief treatments. Soothes tension. Relieves cramps. Perfect for foot, hand and bed warming. Odor free. Patent Pending Hydro Pearls: Hydro Pearls are naturally hydrating so there is no need to add water. Moisture is continuously absorbed from the air and released as deeply penetrating moist heat when microwaved. Complete use and care for this product may be found inside package. CE listed. Learn more at Made in China.