Conairman Trimmer, All-in-1

Model MTL20R. Featuring: Chemically etched, self-sharp blades for clean, sharp cuts. No-Slip Grip: 360 degrees grip for precise handling and slip-and-fall protection. Self-Sharpening: Stainless steel blades. 4-hour run-time. Quick charge. Dual voltage adapter. Respect the ritual. Dual voltage for worldwide travel. All-in-one rechargeable beard/mustache trimming system with 4-hour runtime and quick charge, includes Ear/nose trimmer, detailing trimmer, etched trimming blade blade, 3 jawline combs, 5-position adjustable comb, adapter, storage pouch, lubricating oil. Razor-Sharp Blades: Chemically etched, 60 degrees trimming arcs make the cleanest, sharpest cuts. Vs. Standard Blades: Typical angle, stamped process lends to tugging and pulling. Limited 2 year warranty. For info on any Conair product, call 1-800-3-Conair or visit us on the web at Recycle: Contains lithium ion battery. Must be collected, recycled or disposed of properly. Do not dispose of in the municipal waste. Contains listed adapter. Made in China.