Parodontax Daily Mouthwash, Clear Mint, Active Gum Health 16.9 fl oz

Enhance your oral hygiene routine and help take control over bleeding gums with Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash. Free from alcohol and dye, and formulated with Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), this oral rinse is designed to kill 99.9% of plaque bacteria (1), one of the main causes of bleeding gums. With daily use, this mouth rinse forms an antibacterial shield (2) that helps prevent the build-up of plaque bacteria to help take back your gum health. This gum health mouthwash comes with a mint flavor to help keep your mouth fresh and clean. For best results, rinse with this antibacterial mouthwash daily after brushing your teeth. For healthy gums and teeth, enhance your dental care routine with Parodontax, the experts in healthy gums. (1) Bacteria associated with gingivitis in a laboratory study (2) Shown to kill plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis and odor-causing bacteria in a laboratory test