Band Aid Bandages, Water Block, Tough Strips, All One Size 20 ea

100% Waterproof Band-Aid Brand Water Block Tough Sterile Adhesive Bandages protect and cover minor cuts, scrapes, burns and wounds. These durable adhesive bandages are made from Dura-Weave waterproof material, which is heavy-duty and provides superior adhesion to allow bandages to stay on up to 24 hours. The Quilt-Aid Comfort Pad wicks away fluid from wounds and is designed to cushion and protect painful wounds while you heal to help prevent reinjury. Made with a four-sided seal that keeps pad dry while blocking out water, dirt and germs that may cause infection, these sterile bandages stay on even when wet. These tough first aid bandages have a nonstick pad, allowing for gentle, pain-free removal. From the #1 doctor recommended brand, they make a great addition to a home first aid kit.