Cold Eeze Cold Remedy, Sugar Free, Natural Cherry Flavor, Lozenges

Sugar free. Zinc gluconate homeopathic. The no. 1 best selling zinc lozenge brand (Based on unit sales of cold shortening homeopathic zinc lozenges). Clinically tested to shorten colds by 42% (A clinical study found the Cold-Eeze formula reduces the duration of the common cold by 42%, when taken at the first sign of symptoms and used as directed). No. 1 pharmacist recommended. The double blind placebo controlled study was conducted at the Cleveland Clinic and published in a peer reviewed journal. Our clinically tested formula releases zinc ions in the mouth and shortens the duration of the common cold. No artificial colors or preservatives. Call 1-800-505-2653 (Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM EST). For cold-fighting tips and more about the Cold-Eeze science, go to (This product has not been evaluated by the FDA). Other information: Store in a cool, dry place after opening. Best if used within 6 months after opening.