L. Organic Cotton Cucumber and Aloe Scented Wipes 30 Count

Cucumber + aloe vera - with sea buckthorn and vitamin E. Certified Organic. 1 for 1. No synthetic pesticides or chlorine bleaching. Moisturizing & ph-balanced. Cleanse, moisturize and balance with this botanical blend infused in L. Cucumber nourishing vitamin C. Aloe vera soothing enzyme + minerals. Sea buckthorn rejuvenating vitamins A + D. Vitamin E moisturizing. Green tea antioxidants + vitamin B2. By women, for women. No exhausted cliches. Just the quality you expect & the authenticity you deserve. www.thisisL.com. support(at)thisisL.com. We'd love to hear from you! 1 (888) 574 9646. Learn ore at thisisL.com. Certified B Corporation. L. is a Certified B Corporation. B Corp certifications are given to companies that are better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment. For every L. product you purchase, L. helps provide access to pads to girls who need them. Cruelty free. Made in China.