Joy Joy Pink Razor For Women 1 Handle + 2 Blade Refills 1 ct

bye hairs, hi smooth skin! meet our joy pink body razor! our cartridge boasts 5 sharp cutting blades and a protective lubrastrip to give you a close, comfortable shave for ultra smooth skin. how? the lubrastrip releases a luxurious formula which increases glide on the skin and protects you from irritation and pesky bumps. the joy razor reaches all your body spots (even the bikini line and that toe hair!) as the razor head pivots up and down, adjusting to your body's natural contours. each refill delivers up to 22 incredibly comfortable and close shaves. but what about the handle? our non-slip handle is your entry ticket into the prestigious house of PINK, whose members are united in their love for froses on steamy summer fridays and nostalgia about all those lost lip balms. to make things even better, all joy+glee products are cruelty free, PETA confirmed! want to check you're shaving correctly? have a watch of our how-to videos to make your hair removal routine even easier.