Tre Semme Hair Gel, Alcohol Free, Mega Control, Hold 5 9 Oz

Need a styling gel that delivers mega hold without feeling stiff or sticky? TRESemmé Mega Control Hair Gel provides all-day resistance to humidity and keeps your style going strong without crunchy stiffness. After you put the work into your style, you better lock it in before you lose it. Sprays work best to lock in some styles, but when you’re aiming for a sleek, tight look, you should use a styling hair gel for extra hold and humidity control. Built for control and ready to be styled, TRESemmé Mega Control Hair Gel is an anti-frizz gel, giving you all-day hold with built-in 24-hour humidity protection. This mega control hair gel is perfect for slicking, shaping, or sculpting hair for that perfect look. Our unique, alcohol-free hair gel formula is great for all hair types and designed to keep your hairstyle on lock without leaving hair looking wet or feeling sticky. Step 1: Prep your hair with your favorite TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner and hair styling products. Step 2: Start by dispensing a quarter-sized drop of TRESemmé Mega Firm Control Hair Gel into your hands and use fingers to evenly coat towel-dried hair, creating your preferred style. Add more gel as needed. Step 3: You can blow-dry or air-dry your hair, since our gel won't get crunchy. Step 4: For extra volume, apply gel onto your roots around the crown and blow-dry with a round brush. We've always understood that style is more than a look: it's a part of you. With our professional quality care, a world of style possibilities is yours to achieve. Every choice we make at TRESemmé, from the values we promote—such as not testing on animals and being PETA-approved—to the stylists we work with, down to the carefully selected ingredients we use, are made with intention and inspired by the latest trends and style. Because 70 years on, we believe in the power of style. So tell your story, land that job, make your mark –and achieve your aspirations with confidence. With TRESemmé, your style can match your ambition.