Miss Jessies Moisturizing Conditioner, Honey Sweet & Nice

Supremely moisturizing. Triple conditioning. The best darn honey conditioner period. Excellent for this and more: Natural curls & waves. Chemically treated hair. Colored hair. Dried out parched hair. Heat damaged hair. Tangled hair. Gosh honey! Our supremely hydrating and moisturizing conditioner is the perfect moisture of honey goodness for your dehydrated dry and parched curls. Miss Jessie's Honey Sweet & Nice is an amazing conditioner her fall all hair textures that have been through rough times. Miss Jessie's honey sweet & nice also coats, protects and detangles bottle hair eliminating tangles and snarls. A moisturizing conditioner Miss Jessie's honey sweet & nice limits hair breakage by bringing only the beast results to dry and fragile strands. Let your hair stripe and honey glory as you mask in the healthy luster. No mineral oil. No petroleum. No sulfates. No surfactants. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. When you choose Miss Jessie's you are getting curly hair care products that are made with love and crafted with expertise by haircare pioneers Miss and tilt branch. Each Miss Jessie's product is the result of years of our professional salon expertise and experience as co-founders of the world renewed Miss Jessie's curl bar - the award winning curl emporium. You have our promise that every Miss Jessie's product has been road tested in Miss Jessie's salon and specifically designed to enhance your curls. With nearly & decades of experience in all things natural and curly we have perfected Miss Jessie's product on that Miss Jessie's is recognized as The Expert in Curl Period. We are proud to other you our collection of magical curl potions in a jar, bottle or tube and we thank you for all of you love & support, Xo, Miko & Tin. The proven expert in curls. Period! No animal testing. missjessies.com. Visit us at missjessies.com. Toll free 1-888-537-7436. Please recycle. Made in the USA.