Natures Gate Organics Body Wash, Corrective Cleansing Treatment for the Body with Salicylic Acid

Advanced Care. Natural Results Body Wash. Gently clears existing breakouts and cleanses the body. Helps prevent future occurrences of body acne. Dermatologist-tested. Paraben-free. Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment. Made with certified organic botanicals. Acne is an equal-opportunity offender. It strikes adults and teens alike, regardless of lifestyle, diet or location. That's right, acne is not isolated to the face. Many individuals fight breakout on their back, chest, neck or shoulders. These areas can be difficult to heal. However, in order to effectively battle body acne, regular cleansing and effective treatments are necessary. Natural Results Corrective Cleansing Treatment for the body: Banish body acne once and for all with this gentle, effective body cleansing treatment. Finally, a preferred acne treatment in a convenient wash for the bath or shower. Once a day is all it takes. Wash with this cleansing treatment every day to penetrate pores and fight breakouts. For best results, use as a part of a regular bathing regimen. For best overall results, use in conjunction with the Natural Results Acne Treatment System, a simple, 3-step kit which helps eliminate existing and future facial breakouts. Salicylic Acid is an effective acne treatment that clears up blemishes and keeps new ones from forming. Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil provides added benefits, by helping reduce redness and inflammation. Use: for the management of acne. Made in USA.