Dove Body Wash, Foaming, Nourishing, Beauty Moisture 13.5 Fl Oz

Looking for a lightweight skin cleanser that helps you get soft, healthy skin? Dove Deep Moisture Instant Foaming Body Wash gives you instantly soft skin and lasting nourishment with a light, airy lather. Dove body wash is sulfate free and beautifully light, making it a great body wash for dry skin. Each bottle features over 250 pumps of instant lather. This foaming body wash uses Dove NutriumMoisture™ technology—a combination of natural lipids and moisturizers to help support a healthy skin barrier. For best results, pump the instantly foaming sensitive skin body wash into your hand or onto a shower pouf. Massage it over your skin. Rinse off, revealing soft, smooth skin. Made with 100% gentle cleansers, Dove Instant Foaming Body Wash creates a soothing, light lather that leaves skin cleansed and feeling cared for. Dove care goes further than sensitive skin body wash with 78% recycled plastic bottles and, Dove does not test on animals anywhere in the world and is globally certified Cruelty-Free by PETA. At Dove, our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. So, we are on a mission to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look—reaching over ¼ of a billion young people with self-esteem education by 2030. We are committed to a landmark new initiative as part of our 2025 commitment to reduce plastic waste—reducing over 20,500 metric tons of virgin plastic annually by making the iconic beauty bar packaging plastic-free globally, launching new 100% recycled plastic bottles and trialing a new refillable deodorant format that radically reduces plastic use. As one of the largest beauty brands in the world, we are revealing an agenda-setting commitment to tackle the global beauty industry’s plastic waste issue.