Special K Protein Meal Bars, Chocolatey Chip Cookie Dough 6 ea

Feed your get-up-and-go with indulgent ingredients that energize and fill you up. Chocolate flavored chips and a chocolatey coating help satisfy the tasty way. A good source of Vitamin D, each bar has 12g protein (23% daily value, 4.5g saturated fat per serving), 6g fiber (contains 6g total fat per serving), and six essential vitamins and minerals (4.5g saturated fat per serving); These bars are a great part of any balanced diet. Inspired by your non-stop life, individually wrapped Special K Protein Meal Bars are easy to stash in your work desk, tote, yoga bag, backpack or car. Confidently move through even your busiest days with Special K Chocolatey Chip Cookie Dough Protein Meal Bars, the delicious and filling meal replacement or snack that helps keep your routine on track.