Azo Bladder Control, with Go-Less & Weight Management, Capsules

Daily Supplement. AZO Bladder Control & Weigh Management does not contain artificial dyes, flavors, yeast or gluten. 24 hr support. Go less, worry less. Safe & drug free. Helps control the need to go and safely manages weight. Safely helps reduce occasional urgency. Promotes healthy metabolism to improve weight management. Supports a good night's sleep. I wasn't sure about this - I didn't know how it could help with bladder control and weight management but it really does! Worth a try! - trinitymichelle. The safe, drug-free way to maintain bladder control in 2 ways. You can take control with AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management. Frustrated with that feeling of having to go to bathroom often or dealing with occasional urgency? Did you know that weight can contribute to occasional bladder control issues (Vissers D, et al., Obes Rev., 2014;15(7):610-617)? There is hope. Instead of worrying about your next bathroom break, take control with AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management: a drug-free daily supplement with ingredients that safely help reduce the urge to go to the bathroom and help manage your weight. How is AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management different? The naturally-source blend of ingredients in AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management help to support your bladder in 2 ways, so that you can feel in control day and night. 1. Go-Less helps maintain urinary control. Go-Less with pumpkin seed and soy germ extracts, supports bladder health to help control the need to go the bathroom and reduce occasional urgency. 2. Synetrim CQ helps manage weight. Clinically studied Synetrim CQ from the cissus quadrangularis plant, supports serotonin balance and helps promote metabolic health for healthy weight management. The result is a safe and effective way to maintain bladder control from the inside out. For best results, on-going daily use is encouraged. We believe in open, honest conversations about women's health. We believe in helping you take charge of your health. We believe in helping you live your life to the fullest. We believe in delivering the best urinary vaginal, and bladder health products available. We believe in helping you. own your day. For questions, concerns or to report an adverse event, call (800) 722-3476; Read more reviews on (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Made in the USA with US and imported materials.