Ancient Nutrition Iron, 18 mg, Ancient Nutrients, Capsules

Whole Food Dietary Supplement. Fermented vitamin C. Adaptogentic herbs. New Zealand liver. Inspired by TCM. New Zealand Liver: Ancient Nutritiona powerhouse. Dong Quai Extract: Traditional vitality tonic. White Peony Extract: Thought to be the oldest and most important Herb in China. Adaptogenic herbs. Enzyme activated. Ancient superfoods. Fermented herbs. Formulated using the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) of super nutrition, Ancient Nutrients Iron formula is easy on the stomach and combines: the highest quality, potent and effective enzyme activated iron; a pantented form of methylated folate; probiotic-fermented vitamin C; ancient superfoods including herbal extracts, tonic mushrooms, bone broth, liver from New Zealand cattle, wild fish roe and more - for a breakthrough in iron formulation. - Dr. Axe Formula. Contains no filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.