Radius Toothbrush, Soft 8, Left Hand

Original. Left. Bristles last 3x longer. ADA Accepted: American Dental Association. BPA free. Cruelty free. Clean Better: Bristles last 9 months. Wide head massages gums to help reduce bleeding and receding gums. Soft premium Radius bristles help reduce enamel erosion. Orthodontist recommended. Ergonomic right or left handles ensure easy grip and dentist recommended 45 degrees angle. Cellulose handle made from sustainable yield trees. Accepted by American Dental Association. Unconditionally guaranteed contact us on our website or call: 800 626 6223 x 105. New sustainable packaging reduces plastic content by 30% & increases renewable resource content to 65%. Recycle card and plastic separately. Polished bristles are 100% castor bean vegetable-based nylon. Card 40% recycled & printed with vegetable inks. Plastic packaging 100% recycled PET. Made in USA.