U Kotex Clean Wear Regular Pads- 18 CT

U By Kotex* Clean Wear* Regular Pads. 18 pads. Product line-up. Light. Regular. Super/heavy flow. Super plus. Max. Absorbency. Liners. U by Kotex barely there*. U by Kotex curves*. Pads. U by Kotex* clean wear*. U by Kotex all nighter*. Tampons. U by Kotex click*. Check it out! ubykotex.com. #36 myth or fact Trimming "down there" is a trend women have been practicing for nearly 2 decades. Answer. Regular pads. Serious attitude. Serious protection.* What color are U today CleanWear* cover for a clean and fresh feeling. MicroMax* core locks in fluid fast. Cottony soft side barriers full length protection, for real! Tru-fit* wings help this baby stay put. Fact: It's true! Many girls groom (trim) down there. The trend is thought to have begun with high cut swimsuits followed by low cut jeans and has turned into a fashion statement. To use: To dispose: 1-800-335-6839, ubykotex.com. Consumer Services, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dept. KUCWRW-18, P.O box 2020, Neenah, WI 54957-2020 USA. Made in China. *Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. © 2009 KCWW.