O Cedar Broom, Angle, Outdoor Angler

Durable bristles sweep heavy and wet debris. Great for: Garages, sidewalks and patios. Professional: Makes tough jobs easier. Eco friendly: Bristles made from recycled plastic bottles (bristle fiber contains 80% recycled material). www.ocedar.com. Extra firm bristles sweep outdoor debris from garages, sidewalks and patios. Bristle fiber contains 80% recycled plastic water bottles and the broom block contains 50% recycled plastic. 5 Year Limited Guarantee: This O-Cedar broom is guaranteed for 5 years against breakage. If it fails to perform as claimed, please return, it to O-Cedar and we will replace it or provide a full refund if accompanied by a sales receipt. Memory bristles retain shape. Assembled in USA with components made in China, Italy, and USA.