After Bite Advanced Trusted Itch Relief 0.5 fl oz

Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda). Trusted itch relief for over 45 years. No.1 Pharmacist recommended (Rated No. 1 Pharmacist Recommended Insect Bite Treatment Brand by US. News & World Report/Pharmacy Times, 2020-2021). Itch relieving liquid. Relieves itch caused by insect bites including: Mosquitoes; Biting files; Fire ants; Bees. Poison ivy, oak, & sumac protectant. After Bite has been stopping the itch from bug bites since 1975, when our founder invented After Bite to keep pesky bugs from ruining his retirement. Little did he know how many people would come to love the fast itch relief and easy-to-use applicator pen. Paraben free. Cruelty free. Please recycle this box (Check with local recycling provider for guidelines). Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified Sourcing.