Fiber Choice Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Plus Antioxidants Berry Pomegranate - 90 CT

Fiber Choice® Berry Pomegranate Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Plus Antioxidants. With green tea flavor. Sugar free. 90 chewable tablets. Why is prebiotic fiber important to your health Prebiotic fiber is a unique kind of dietary fiber that nourishes the friendly, good bacteria that live in your digestive system. Prebiotic fiber, like that found in Fiber Choice plus antioxidants can help: Support long-term health and vitality*. Promote good digestive health*. Maintain your immune system*. Support colon health*. What makes Fiber Choice® plus antioxidants different Fiber Choice plus antioxidants contains a prebiotic fiber, a natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables. In addition, it contains beta carotene and a powerful, protective antioxidant blend of vitamins C and E, which can help counteract the effects of free radicals to support long term health and vitality.* Get more of the natural prebiotic fiber you need every day. Daily intake of fiber is an important part of your overall good health.* Most Americans only get about half the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber each day. Fiber Choice plus antioxidants is a simple way to help close the gap: it contains prebiotic fiber and protective antioxidants to help defend your health every day.* Fiber Choice® = 3 grams of fiber. Chewable tablets in tasty berry pomegranate flavor. Vitamins C, E & beta carotene. Fiber Choice® is a registered trademark of Medtech Products Inc. Questions or comments Call toll-free 1-877-553-4237 (English/Spanish) weekdays. To learn more go to: ©2012 Medtech Products Inc. A Prestige Brands Company.