MiraFIBER Fiber Supplement Caplets - 100 CT

MiraFIBER™ Fiber Supplement Caplets. New! From the makers of MiraLAX®. With daily Comfort™ fiber. Works naturally with your body. Less likely to cause gas‡. Helps support regularity†*. Bayer. A daily supplement that helps add fiber to your diet. Helps support regularity†*. ‡Contains a non-fermentable fiber so it's less likely to cause unwanted gas. 100% soluble fiber and gluten-free. Questions or comments Please call 1-800-647-2529 (Mon-Fri 9-5 EST). Bayer (reg'd), the Bayer Cross (reg'd), MiraLAX®, MiraFIBER & DailyComfort & design are trademarks of Bayer. ©2016 Bayer.