Luster's SCurl Extra Strength Texturizer

Luster's® Scurl® Extra Strength Texturizer. New Look! Natural looking wave & curl styles in minutes. 2x. The conditioners with olive & argan oils. Net contents 2 applications. Luster's Scurl® expands the natural wave/curl pattern of your hair; changing hard to comb hair into soft, manageable, natural looking curls & waves in minutes. Curls, waves & natural hair, Luster's® Scurl®, curl & wave jel activator, anti frizz, with olive oil, with argan oil, paraben free. New fragrance, curls, waves & natural hair, Luster's®, Scurl® "No Drip"®, curl activator moisturizer, anti frizz formula, paraben free, mineral oil free. 360style, wave control pomrde, rinses out easily with water 68g e / 30l. Maintain your look with these additional Scurl® styling products. Scurl® texturizer wave & curl creme: (226g e 8 oz.). Scurl® color alarm neutralizing shampoo:-2 (26 ml e 0.88 fl. oz.). Scurl® curl activator moisturizer: -2 (7 ml e 0.25 fl. oz.). Scurl® curl & wave jel activator: -2 (7 g e 0.25 oz.). Pink® oil moisturizer hair lotion: -2 (7 ml e 0.25 fl. oz.). ©Luster Products, Inc.