CIBA SoftWear Saline

Formulated for sensitive eyes (Thimerosal free). pH as natural as your own tears. Sterile Saline. For rinsing and storage of all types of soft contact lenses. SoftWear Saline formulated for sensitive eyes: SoftWear Saline does not contain thimerosal or chlorhexidine which are found in some other salines and might cause irritation. For use with all types of soft lenses. Sterile SoftWear Saline can be used with all types of contact lenses including daily wear, extended wear, and tinted lenses. SoftWear Saline is recommended for the following: Rinsing: After cleaning thoroughly rinse your lenses. Hydrogen Peroxide and Chemical Disinfection Systems (Including Multi-purpose solutions): Rinse after disinfection prior to lens insertion. Heat (Thermal) Disinfection: Use SoftWear Saline when disinfecting. Dissolving Enzyme Tablets: Use SoftWear Saline to dissolve enzyme tablets for protein removal. Storage: Store soft lenses overnight prior to disinfection and up to 30 days following disinfection. Why SoftWear Saline? pH as natural as your own tears. A special buffer maintains SoftWear Saline's pH balance at the same natural level as your tears. Comfort-Rinse Formula. Washes away the daily cleaner and the loosened deposits to help keep your lenses comfortable all day long. Doctor Recommended. SoftWear Saline is recommended by eye care professionals across the country. Made in Canada.