Whole Earth Sweetener Blend, Natural, Stevia Leaf & Monk Fruit, Packets

Natural sweetener blend. Gluten free. 0 sugar & calories. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Natural (Sweeteners derived from plants and fruit. For more information about our natural standards and ingredients, visit www.wholeearthsweetener.com) sweetener blend. Our great tasting sweetener starts with a great tasting stevia leaf! At Whole Earth, we believe that there are better ways to sweet. We've crafted this unique blend of nature's sweet ingredients, including extracts from the best parts of the stevia leaf and monk fruit. Our amazing, non-GMO, zero-calorie sweetener enhances your coffee, tea, cereal, or fruit with a pure, undeniable sweetness that will delight you with first taste. Sweet better, live better. Stevia: The stevia plant is native to the mountains of South America, where it thrives with rich soil, warm sun, and generous rain. We use the best parts of the leaf to create a great tasting alternative to sugar with zero calories. Monk Fruit: This sub-tropical fruit is traditionally grown on the steep, forested mountains of Southern Asia. The vine-ripened melon has been harvested by buddhist monks for use as a sweetener for nearly 800 years. Erythritol: Our erythritol is sourced from a fermentation process using non-GMO corn. It is similar to the erythritol occurring naturally in fruits like grapes and pears. We are committed to support your journey to live better with lower calorie sweeteners sourced from nature's wonders. Suitable for individuals with diabetes. Sweetened with starleaf stevia. www.wholesomeearthsweetener.com. Visit wholeearthsweetener.com. Also try our Whole Earth zero calorie sweetener in a spoonable jar and our other products blended with stevia leaf extract for 50% fewer calories per serving than their traditional counterparts - Raw Cane Sugar Blend, Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar Blend, Organic Honey Blend, and Organic Agave Blend. 100% recycled paperboard. Environment friendly. Printed with inks containing soy & vegetable oils. Recyclable.