Aleia's Stuffing Mix Plain

Aleia's Stuffing Mix Plain. Love of artisan food. Plain & simple, our plain stuffing mix is and will always be gluten free and dairy free! Certified Gluten-free. Net Wt. 10 oz (283.50 g) of yumminess. Aleia's is one of the first and finest producers of certified gluten-free, Non-GMO products on the market. Our founder, a culinary trained chef, conceived each of our quality products from her own gluten intolerance, and her desire to eat great tasting handmade goods that happen to be gluten free. Out of this love and passion for food, Aleia's has created a line of premium products, which has expanded and enhanced the food choices of our customers without compromising taste or quality. We want you to taste something truly special while eating gluten free. Our growing line includes ten artisan cookies, bread crumbs, panko, croutons, stuffing mixes, and breads. You can learn more about our products by visiting our website, and you can share your story and ideas with us too. Everything we make is gluten free! Cookies, bread crumbs, panko, stuffing, croutons, breads. Sneak a peek at our Plain Stuffing Mix. Corn free. Trans-fat free. Soy free. Non-GMO Project Verified. Made with non-GMO ingredients. We would love to hear from you. Visit: