Mc Cormick Paprika 2.12 oz

No spice rack should be without a jar of paprika! Use this versatile spice to add sweet pepper flavor and vivid red color to pretty much any dish- try it on deviled eggs, pasta or potato salad, roast meats, and more. McCormick Paprika always starts with whole, ripe sweet peppers, the gentler cousin of the hot chili pepper family. Sweet paprika brings fruity and toasty notes to pork or beef stew, casseroles, roasted potatoes or vegetables, sauces and marinades. This spice is essential to chicken paprikash and goulash. Use paprika as a base for your own dry rubs, like pork rub, steak rub or barbecue rub. Paprika's bright red color makes it a pleasing garnish for egg and fish dishes, mashed potatoes, and even mac ‘n cheese. Packaging may vary.