McCormick Gourmet Organic Smoked Paprika 1.62 oz

McCormick Gourmet Smoked Paprika starts with organic whole sweet peppers that are slow-smoked and dried for a distinctive sweet and smoky taste. Used widely in Spanish cuisine, it adds depth of flavor to paella, chorizo sausage and tapas dishes. The rich and smoky flavor of smoked paprika enhances just about any savory dish. Make it the secret ingredient in your chili, smoked brisket or ribs. For roasts with deep flavor and color, add it to seasoning rubs for chicken, turkey, beef or pork. Smoked paprika adds complexity to mild tasting foods like eggs, potatoes, pasta and rice, as well as meatless dishes, seafood, beans and vegetables. A sprinkle on deviled eggs, margaritas or mac 'n cheese makes a vibrant garnish with added smoky flavor.