McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon 1.25 oz

Saigon cinnamon is considered the finest cinnamon because it is high in essential oils, which gives it deeply sweet and complex aromatic qualities. It adds rich spicy-sweet flavor to a wide variety of dishes and beverages. Cinnamon is a much more versatile spice than you might think. It lends warm sweetness to everything from morning oatmeal and French toast to desserts like spice cakes and apple pie. But this earthy, mahogany-colored spice also has a savory side – add it to sweet potatoes, couscous and spice rubs. Moroccan tagines and Indian curries wouldn’t be the same without its irresistible richness and heat. Don’t forget about beverages. What would lattes, hot chocolate, chai tea and mulled cider be without cinnamon’s spicy warmth?