McCormick Gourmet Organic Caraway Seed, 1.62 oz

The warm, slightly biting taste of caraway seed is most recognizable in rye bread. It's a classic flavor in hearty European dishes such as goulash, sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. A member of the carrot family, caraway seed can be used to liven up green beans, squash and root vegetables. It provides a delectable accent to stews and stuffing as well as cheese dip and baked apples. Bakers like the texture and licorice notes that caraway seed brings to breads, rolls, soda breads, breadsticks and spiced seed cakes. A staple spice of European cooking, caraway seed adds deep earthy flavor to cabbage dishes, pork stews, borscht and kielbasa. Toast the seeds before using to heighten the nutty flavor and spicy aroma.