McCormick Gourmet Global Selects White Pepper from Malaysia 1.69 oz

McCormick Gourmet Global Selects White Pepper from Malaysia, White peppercorns from Malaysia have a smooth earthy flavor. Light in color, its flavor is slightly hotter than the more common black pepper. Finely grind and stir into alfredo sauce, creamy soups, and curries. These peppercorns thrive in the humid, mountainous region of Malaysia. White peppercorns are simply black peppercorns that are fully ripened on the vine and then soaked in water to remove the black outer shell. Introduce the musky, sharp heat of white pepper into dishes that might be overwhelmed by black pepper. Elevate light-colored dishes like fish, creamy sauces, and soups with white pepper flavor. Use in French, Southeast Asian, and Chinese recipes. Grind at the table over eggs, mashed potatoes, pasta, and chicken.