Emerils Chicken Rub Seasoning Blend 3.7 Oz

www.emerilscooking.com. Questions or comments: B&G Foods Inc. PO Box K, Roseland, NJ 07068. For usage tips visit www.emerilscooking.com. Chicken: the staple of the American dinner menu. Introduce a new preparation to your stovetop, oven and grill with Emeril’s Chicken Rub. For all the ways you cook chicken, consider the endless possibilities. With Emeril’s special blend, chicken is treated right. Unlike any other, this mix is made just for the special bird, the chicken.; You're gonna love my Chicken Rub. It's got two kinds of paprika, ginger, real hickory smoke flavor and other herbs for kickin' the chicken up a notch. Whether you roast, grill or fry, just rub some oil on the bird, then rub in about 1 tsp Chicken Rub per pound. And enjoy some fowl play of your own.; Celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse, creates his signature recipes to bring bright flavors right to your kitchen. Get fantastic flavor with every meal and make the same types of delicious dishes you have seen Emeril make on TV.