Diamond Crystal® Winter Melt® Ice Melter 25 lb. Bag

The ice melt standard. Melts ice down to: 5 degrees F (-15 degrees C). High capacity ice melter. Blend of large and small melting crystals for extended melting action. Helps provide instant traction on snow and ice. Natural mineral. Which Diamond Crystal products is best for your needs? 3 Star Diamond Rated Winter Melt: outside temperatures 5 degrees F/ -15 degrees C; prepares sidewalks for safe travel. 4 Diamond Rated Jiffy Melt: Outside temperatures -5 degrees/-21 degrees C; faster melting results, prepares sidewalks for safe travel. 5 Diamond Rated Flash Melt: Outside temperatures -25 degrees F/ -31 degrees C, faster melting results, prepared sidewalks for safe travel, generated heat upon contact with snow and ice. Rated for effectiveness when compared to Diamond Crystal Ice Melter products, when used as directed. Product of USA.