Jell-O Gelatin Dessert, Low Calorie, Strawberry-Banana 0.3 oz

Jell-O Sugar Free Strawberry Banana Instant Gelatin Mix packs all the flavor without the sugar into a convenient mix for quick, easy preparation. Delicious strawberry banana flavor makes this sugar free gelatin a refreshing treat perfect for everyday snacking or special occasions. This fruit flavored gelatin is fat free and also a low calorie dessert at 10 calories per serving. Whether you serve it as a strawberry gelatin dessert or add chunks of fruit to make a fruity dessert, you can feel good about sharing with your family. Simply mix the 0.3 ounce box of strawberry banana gelatin powder with boiling water, add cold water, and refrigerate to set. Each box of gelatin mix makes four 1/2 cup servings.