Keto And Co Keto Baking Mix, Fudge Brownies

1.1 g net carbs per serving (Nutritional panel reflects FDA required rounding). 15.5 g total carbs - 8.2 g fiber - 6.2 g erythritol = 1.1 g net carbs. Gluten free. Keto. Diabetic friendly. No sugar added. 94% less sugar than leading brands (Comparison based on 1 prepared serving of Fudge Brownie Mix from Betty Crocker Website, retrieved January 2019). Naturally sweetened. Made with Wondrose the healthy alternative to sugar. Makes 16 fudgy & rich brownies. 16 servings. What is it? Fudgy and rich with just 1.1 g net carbs per serving and no added sugar, these are the ultimate guilt-free treat. Easy to make and easy to love, these deep, dark, satisfying brownies are diabetic-friendly and gluten-free. (at)ketoandco. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Look for other delicious baking mixes from Keto and Co.