Pure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener - 40 CT

All natural zero calorie sweetener. Non GMO. Printed with environmentally friendly inks containing soy and vegetable oils. Nothing to Hide: We understand that consumers have different ideas about what natural means. We want to share what natural means to us. We believe that an ingredient is natural if it exists in nature without human interference and has been extracted, or produced biologically, from plant material. We are proud that Pure Via's ingredients are non-GMO (not the product of bioengineering). Discover more about our recipes or tips on how to use Pure Via at Facebook: facebook.com/PureViaUS and Twitter: Twitter.com/purevia. For more information about our natural standard and ingredients, visit purevia.com. Whole Earth Sweetener Company brings you Pure Via, an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from the pure, sweet extract of the stevia plant. A natural sweetness without all the calories, Pure Via delivers deliciousness to all your favorite foods and beverages. Enjoy! The ingredients in this product exist in nature and meet our natural standard. Each ingredient is processed to assure consistency, stability, and safety. (The ingredients in Pure Via are produced without bioengineering). Gluten-free. Suitable for individuals with diabetes. Questions about Pure Via? Visit us at purevia.com or call 1-800-824-2334. Stevia PureCircle. Together We Can Stop Diabetes: American Diabetes Association. 100% recycled paperboard.