Jovial All-Purpose Flour

4 g protein. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Einkorn nature's original wheat, inherently good. 100% organic einkorn. The only wheat never hybridized. Unbleached and unbromated. Eat the original wheat, and feel great knowing einkorn wheat has remained as pure as it was over 12,000 years ago. Whether you're baking sweet or savory, you can substitute einkorn for regular wheat in your favorite recipes and get great results - more flavorful bread, and tasty baked goods with a golden color rich with the antioxidant lutein. This pure and nutritious flour is 80% of the whole grain. A part of the germ and the bran have been removed so the flour stays fresh. We work directly with small farmers to grow and maintain the integrity of this most ancient grain so you can feel great about the wheat you bake with. We care from seed to shelf. Scan: Visit our farm and learn how einkorn differs from modern wheat. Fiorini International. We've perfected this recipe and hundreds more in einkorn: The cookbook. Get your copy This bag is 100% paper with no plastic lining. Please recycle. Dispose of properly. Comieco. Product of Italy.