Ditkas Giardiniera, Mild, Chicago Style 1 Pt

Hall of fame recipe. www.mikeditka.com. Great as a topping for Italian beef and sausage sandwiches, deli sandwiches, pork chops, in omelets, spaghetti, pizza, chili, soups, salads and more! It's uses are limited only by your imagination. Ditka's Chicago Style Giardiniera is my absolute favorite food topping. I'm personally involved in the selection of all the food products that carry my name. When I searched for the best giardiniera, I looked for a big, bold taste with lots of spice and Italian flavors. It needs to be the perfect compliment to the food, especially my Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich. Chicago is the birth place of the Italian Beef Sandwich and Chicago Style Giardiniera. This is Da Coach's Hall of Fame Recipe for giardiniera which is truly unique in taste, texture and flavor. Just try it!! - Mike Ditka.