DeLallo Calamata Olives

A great addition to a low carb lifestyle. DeLallo has selected the finest olives from around the world to offer as part of our Olive Collection. All DeLallo olives have been hand selected to ensure the finest quality in both flavor and size. The DeLallo olive collection includes the largest variety of olives for people of all taste. At DeLallo olives are not just our business, but our passion. Enjoy! Calamata Olives - DeLallo selects only the finest Calamata olives to be packed under our label. These special olives, found only in Greece and identified by their almond-like shape and brown to purple color, have a wonderful tart and nutty flavor. DeLallo Calamata are of excellent size and flavor for the most discerning olive lovers. Olives have healthful benefits. Olives are a great food for the carb-conscious individual. Plus, this fruit is low in cholesterol and is praised for its high monounsaturated fat content, which lowers the bad lipoprotein and raises the good lipoprotein levels in the blood for a healthy lifestyle. Product of Greece.